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Mainly there are three types of Yoga’s. “Hadha, Lambika and Saivaraja”. Sivaprabhakaran has over gone all the stages of Yogas. Finally Stepped up to the entire stages of the states of the knowledge. And at last He became the Knowledge itself.

He told many times to his devotiees that he has been accepted or depend a body of Pure Knowledge. If such a deity accept or depends a body of knowledge; if very many period he stand still in that body itself, no change will happen to His adhathmic stage or knowledge. Only Sivan can create that situation. Sivan is the eternal supreme knowledge he have no beginning or end. No name or format. He is the everlasting and unchangeable. There is no second one to him. He is reasonless incarnation of the Brahma. No scar can stain to that person. He himself find filled in this universe. He is the doctrine of Siva and Siva himself. It is like sun and its rays. The Siva himself embodied as Sivaprabhakaran for the welfare and progress of adhyathmic life of his humanity. That is because he is seen always “Abhaya Varada” Mudra's. There is no other yogi everseen such as Sivaprabhakaran.

He didn’t told anything but showed everything. Gave Murukopadesam to Srimath Chattambi Swamikal. Walked from the extremes of the sea water came and gave adhyatmic advice (Gurupadesha) to Karuvatta Swamikal. Many times stayed with Sri Neelakanta Guru at Chengottukonam shrine. Gave blessings to Sreenarayana Guru and Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. Never liked to be known as a saint. Never gone for publicity. The people who approached Sivaprabhakaran for availing wealth and wishes they found him as a very ugly character. But those who depended him for adhyathmic welfare, He gave all blessings to fulfill their wishes.

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