Life Before 70 Years


1942. The period of 2nd world war. Fishermen of the Eranakulam, Kerala sea shore got a human; included in the net with fish from the depth of the sea. Five and a quarter feet height. Polished black wood like strong body with clear muscles. The lower middle part of the body covered with a loincloth and one country towel. The hair (Jeda) in the head, tide to upper like Shiva Linga. At certain moments can find a cane in his hand. The fingers in both paws should be in Chinmudra at all times. While at that captured time that body was covered with Sea – Shells and algae. The people and police sealed their opinion towards this person “he is definitely a Japanese Spy”,  In this belief they locked up this person at Mattancherry police station at Eranakulam , Kerala. Then the Police sub-Inspector started to convince the truth, using brutal Police operations towards him. After that long exercise the tired Police Inspector returned to his residence for lunch. On the way he saw that the lock upped person walking behind him. Certain strange experiences also happened in connection with that. Later the authorities came to a dilemma. They asked him whether he knows any person anywhere in Kerala. He replied - such a person is at Travancore. His name is C.P. Ramaswami Iyer. The Cochin authorities at once informed about this strange person to C.P. Ramaswami Iyer, who was the Travancore Divan (Chief Minister to the Royal King) at that time. The Divan send messenger and escort person to bring this strange person to Trivandrum stating his pardon towards Him. This was the main news story at prominent Malayalam Newspapers, Pouradhwani and Mathrubhumi at that time. Want you know this character? That is the true embodiment of the pure self-consciousness, Supreme Diety-Brahmananda Srimath Siva Prabhakara Sidha Yogi Parama Hamser Thiruvadikal.

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