Birth and Yoga


Now, 738 years completing after His birth. Siva Prabhakaran born at Akavoor Mana at Eranakulam District which has Royal rights to sentence punishment to Travencore Royal Kings. Father was named Iravi Narayanan Namboothippad. Mother was Goury Antharjanam fro Azhvanchery Mana who were top among all Brahmins of that time. Prabhakaran born at AD 1263 March (Kollam era 436, Meenam (Poorurutathi Star) as their 8th son. At the age of 8 Prabhakaran was called by Greate mountain Himalayam as a result of the encouragement of previous sanctity of life. He has been over gove the hardest routines and limits of Yoga, Meditation and knowledge –spending 43 years at that Deva Bhumi.

He achieved all realizations of Yoga and Meditation. Then became the incarnation of pure self-consciousness – The Supreme knowledge. One can understand and get blessings from him only through the adaption of spiritual practices. Prabhakara Siddha yogi applied in his body the KALPAM a secret medicinal prepration and thus changed his human body un destroyable and everlasting. Even now and always he is with all people, especially with devotees. One who wish to see him for favor of self-knowledge or self-realization he can see them.

There is no other realized person like Prabhakara Siddha yogi ever appeared in this world, keeping “ChinMuddra” at all times in both hands and giving Abahayam and Varam together to the devotees.

One who wishes to realize the self he can depend Siva Prabhakaran’s blessings. One who wishes worldly pleasures with God blessing Sivaprabhakaran is the only dependable deity in these days