About Sivaprabhakara Siddhayogi


Above and apart from all our biological concepts, the Devotees of Siva Prabhakara Sidha Yogi believe that, he is living among us even now, with human body. He is the embodiment of Brahma, the Supreme Deity. Numerous stories, fables and myths standing about him at all times. Lord Siva Prabhakara embodies for the welfare, development, and ecstasy of the human. He is leading his devotees to the Eternal bliss of consciousness.

The Highest goal to be attained in spiritual life is Self-realization; Sivaprabhakaran is the embodiment of self-The Pure consciousness. He is the Eternal Bliss and the Supreme Deity. Sivaprabhakaran, wish to lead all human to self-realization so he is always living with the incarnated body.